Shannon Lewandoski, CEPA & Rachel Burks

LPL Financial Planners

Shannon Lewandoski | Email: Shannon@planifygroup.com   

Rachel Burks | Email: Rachel@planifygroup.com   

“Our mission is to excite and influence successful people to take action towards clearly defined goals. Planning is about making good decisions for the future. Life is busy and unfortunately taking the time to put strategies in place isn’t always at the top of the priority list. We help people understand the steps needed to pursue their goals” Shannon Lewandoski describes their business approach.

Shannon & Rachel have been working as a team for over 10 years. They help successful business owners, professionals, and families make good decisions with money. “Working as a team allows us to focus on our individual strengths for our clients”  Rachel Burks explains. “There are times where we add specialists into specific areas to meet clients unique needs. We love being a resource.”  She adds.

By being solution driven, they take a very personal discovery approach with every client. What are your short and long term goals with money? Are you being intentional with your strategies? Am I being as tax efficient as possible with my profits? What is my business really worth? These are all questions that Shannon and Rachel help their clients answer. They have a special talent in helping people take a step back to think about what is important to them in the future.